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Hello & Welcome

Elements of the Earth is a Chinese Medicine wellness clinic on Dharug Country in the lower Blue Mountains - land that is known for its eucalypts, tea-trees, boronia, bush mint, flannel flowers, ferns and tiny rare orchids. The land is also known historically for its healing waters, its wildfires, its red clay and volcanic rock, and for the richness of the earth.


The clinic takes its name from the 5 Elements or 5 transformational energies at the core of Chinese philosophy and cosmology. The 5 Elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and they are symbolic of the seasonal changes or permutations that occur both within Nature and within our bodies as we move through life. Like Yin and Yang, the concept of the 5 Elements is key to understanding the heart of Chinese Medicine, and the reverence the system has for the elements, energies and cycles of the natural world. This reverence is one that clinic owner, acupuncturist, herbalist and Chinese Medicine practitioner Tina Camilleri carries into all her work : a reverence for the land she works on, and for the medicine she works with.  


Elements of the Earth is located in the historic Greens Arcade, Blaxland. The space is split into three separate rooms. There is a light-filled treatment room at the back where visitors can relax while they have their acupuncture; a herbal medicine room at the heart of the clinic with hundreds of plant medicines that can be mixed into personalised formulas; and a little showroom/shop space at the front, with a small but thoughtful selection of hand-made, Nature-inspired treasures.


The clinic is open Tues-Sat, by appointment only, for all your acupuncture, herbal medicine and seasonal wellness needs. 

Thank you for visiting, and please be in touch if you have any questions