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What we do & what we are about


At Elements of the Earth we approach treatment in a holistic way. We consider not just the physical presentation of an imbalance but also nutritional, environmental, seasonal and psychological factors when determining your overall health. We follow the principles of Classical Chinese medicine and earth-based traditions of healing and see everything that occurs within the physical-mental-emotional bodies as being connected, and intrinsically linked to the energies and cycles of the earth itself.

We are also about what works in a very practical sense. Is your tight jaw worrying you? With acupuncture we can work on the obvious tension, and then if/when you are ready we can address the underlying or root cause of why it is so tight in the first place.

Each of our healing modalities can be used either in combination, as stand-alone treatments, or as part of integrated treatment programs (see Treatment Options page for more details). They include but are not limited to:


  • Acupuncture 

  • Dietary Therapy & Seasonal Eating 

  • Holistic Lifestyle Counselling based on the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine


Respect for the Earth, respect for the Traditional Custodians of the Land, and respect for where each individual is at when it comes to their health...

A love and appreciation of the Earth is at the core of what we do. For this reason we only work with non-endangered species in our medicines and opt for ethically sourced and organic wherever possible. We are also all about what is accessible when considering diet and lifestyle changes. We know that not everyone has access to rare ingredients, superfoods from faraway places or endless hours per week to make their life wall-to-wall perfect. We endeavor to work with what is available, and to bring about healing based around real, achievable goals. 


We want to help you tune in to what is truly possible for you, in the body you are in, in the land where you find yourself living, in the moment where you feel compelled to make a change. By using a range of treatment tools we work on bringing together the elements that make up who you are, with the elements of the Earth itself, so that the two can be in harmony. 

Being an Australian-born business we honour the Dharug and Gundungurra people as the Traditional Custodians of the land we practice from. We acknowledge that the Dharug and Gundungurra cared for the land and waters of the region for over 65,000 years, and that they hold deep knowledge and wisdom about health practices, plant medicines and traditional treatments for healing. We honour the Dharug and Gundungurra people's connection to Country and their resilience in the face of colonial invasion. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging from community.


We honour the native plants, moss and mycelium unique to the area, and the animals, birds and insects, along with the ongoing wisdom of the Earth Itself. We understand that treatment styles that originate in other places sometimes need to be tweaked and tailored to the climate, culture and energies of wherever we find ourselves on our journey. When treating you in Australia we promise not to give you herbal recipes relevant to icy winters in the mountains of Tibet, or to put you on a diet more suited to the Bahamas. We like things that work, and we love working in harmony with the natural world around us. 


We also honour the teachings and wisdom of the Classical form of Chinese medicine that we work with in clinic. We give thanks to the wise ones who closely observed the natural world and looked for ways to understand the meaning of life, death, health and illness so that they could help their communities flourish and prosper. We honour those who experimented with herbs, minerals, medicinal foods, and those who mapped out the body with incredible insight and knowledge so that we may now work with a system that has been in use for thousands of years. We are grateful to the physicians who wrote some of the first known studies and textbooks on gynecology, menstruation, amenorrhea, childbirth and children's health. Each day in clinic we feel humbled to be part of people's health stories, and we feel honoured to work with a truly individualised, patient-centred, practical medicine, that has such a long history, and such a great ability to hold space for the uniqueness of the human experience. 

We support and embrace diversity, equality and dignity for all people, and we are passionate about wellness for everyone. 

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