There are so many different kinds of acupuncturists, how do I know if Tina is the right practitioner for me?

Every acupuncturist registered within Australia will have a similar base qualification for registration purposes. This allows them to practice within the Australian health system. But as with any modality or profession, the types of training, clinical experience and specialisation of the practitioner will vary greatly. 


You can read about Tina in the ABOUT section of the website, but a key part of her treatments is connecting on a deep philosophical level with those she works with. If you are looking for someone who takes your pulse, then gest you to lay on the treatment table while they put needles in before leaving the room, then Tina is probably not for you. If you want to dig deeper into the stories around health and wellbeing, and you are open to a deeper conversation around health and wellbeing, then she might be a good fit. 

but a key part of her treatment is opening up a conversation about what health means for each individual. A typical session with Tina may include discussion about the physical aspects of health as well asa  deeper philosophiscal conversation about what health means for you, diet, sleep etc. as well a persons health history and how they got to where they are now. For this reason, Tina often stays in the room during treatment, talking about different aspects of life, and weaving in stories from Eastern philosophy or other Nature-based healing systems to help people gain deeper insight and perspective on their health journeys. As a patient recently said in clinic, "a treatment with Tina is more like acupuncture with a long inspiring conversation about health infused with magic and stories about the healing powers of Nature, food and life." If you aren't sure if Tina is right for you, the best thing to do is send her a message or give her a call and arrange for a free 5-10 minute chat. 


Do I need a referral from my Doctor?

No referral is required from your Doctor, however if you would like to bring along their contact details, we can liaise with them in the future.

Can I claim acupuncture on my private health fund?

Yes. Acupuncture treatments are covered by all private health funds, except BUPA and HCF. However there are currently no health fund rebates for Chinese herbal medicines. 

Does the clinic have HICAPS?

While there is no HICAPS facility at the clinic, your receipt will be emailed to you after payment and you can use the provider number to make a claim with your health fund online. 

Can I claim my treatment through Medicare?

At this stage Chinese Medicine is not covered by Medicare. Maybe one day!

What is the clinic’s cancellation policy?

In the interest of respect for our time and yours, we kindly ask you to give us 24 hours notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment, otherwise the appointment fee may be requested.

Where can I park near the clinic?

There is free 1 & 2 hour parking out the back of the clinic, in a large carpark filled with trees. You can enter the Greens Arcade (where the clinic is located), via the carpark. You just come up a few steps up to street level where you will find us in Shop I (that's 'i' for iguana, not l for lemonade). If you don't like steps, there is also a ramp to the left of the arcade which allows you to walk up to street level and enter the arcade from the front. 


What if I'm coming by train?

We are conveniently located across the road from Blaxland Station. Once you get off the train its a 2 minute walk across the bridge and down a few stairs where you will turn left and walk for another minute or so. Just look for the Greens Arcade, at 134 Great Western Highway, not the other arcade to the right of the station, where the IGA is located. 


Is the clinic wheelchair friendly?

Yes it is.


Do you have a bathroom at the clinic?

No we don't, but there is a public bathroom downstairs that we share with the arcade.  Unfortunately it is not wheelchair friendly. 

Can a friend or family member come in to the treatment room with me?

Treatments generally work best for you, and the practitioner if you come in on your own. We do have a chair outside where a family member or friend is welcome to wait for you, and there are a couple of little cafes where they could go have a tea or coffee too. 

Children should always be accompanied by an adult during treatment, but we don't allow more than one adult to accompany a child at a time. 

I am sick! What should I do?

If you are unwell or experiencing symptoms such as high temperature, cough, sore throat or respiratory distress we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can change your appointment. 

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