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Tina’s appreciation for natural medicine began at an early age. Born into a family of nature-lovers she spent most of her childhood outdoors and was enchanted by the magic of the natural world, from the way the flowers turned their faces to the sun, to the way the moon made the tide wash in and out against the shore. Her endless questioning about nature led to an early apprenticeship in the ways of garden plants, and she was taught by her mother how to use herbs in food and first aid while she was still a child. Being sensitive to many different chemicals and food additives meant an early awareness or appreciation of what did and didn't work for her body, and which plants in their medicinal or food forms could be relied on as allies or helpers.

Tina's passion for medicinal flowers, trees and foods, was matched by her interest in stories, poetry and ideas from east Asia. So when the opportunity came to travel, Tina went to China and began to explore the country's philosophies on health, art and yang sheng, or nourishing life. What she learnt about Chinese medicine and eastern mysticism deeply resonated with a young Tina, and back in Sydney she went on to study  Buddhism, Confucianism and Daoism at university, as well as art history, film and gender studies. She then completed her Australian qualifications in Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs), and opened her own practice. 


Tina has now been serving the Blue Mountains community for almost a decade. During this time her appreciation of the philosophies and ideas that underpin Chinese medicine has continued to grow. To best meet the needs of patients she has completed extra study in Classical Chinese herbalism, holistic dietary therapy, and women's health (including menstruation, postpartum recovery, menopausal care, Daoist sexuality and empowerment for women). She has also spent alot of time pondering the social, cultural, political, environmental and spiritual aspects of health, and the ways a more inclusive, well-informed healthcare system might better support individuals on their health journey. 

In addition to her work in Chinese medicine Tina has hands-on experience in ayurveda, aromatherapy and botanical perfume making (which she taught as a lecturer at the former ACNT college in Sydney), flower essence therapy, organic gardening and the benefits of sensory gardens for people living with dementia. She also has a Graduate Diploma in Writing, and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing (focusing on the transformational power of personal language). These studies bring creativity, perception and depth to Tina’s treatments, and add to her appreciation of the uniqueness of the healing process, and the different ways health may be expressed for each individual.

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