Treatment Options

Our treatments involve not only acupuncture and herbs, but also dietary and lifestyle advice — depending on what’s appropriate to your specialised Chinese medicine diagnosis and to your specific needs.

  • Acupuncture - treatment involves the use of very thin stainless steel needles (as thin as a hair) inserted at specific points on the body. This is done to bring about a beneficial therapeutic outcome to assist in the alleviation, control and/or management of acute or chronic pain and dysfunction. Tina can treat adult and pediatric patients with a range of different acupuncture styles, some of them very gentle. For very young patients needles may not even be used - with key acupuncture points being gently stimulated instead. 

  • Dietary Therapy & Seasonal Eating - the seasons change around us and as they do, so do our specific nutritional, nourishment and health needs. Learn how to eat right for where you are at in this present moment. Help align yourself not only with the change in the seasons, but understand which foods will be most helpful and nutritious for you.

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine - leaves, twigs, roots, shoots, flowers, berries, seeds and/or shells are used in combinations, in either dried "raw herb", granule, or pill form to help put you on track to better health. In clinic Tina uses mostly granulated herbs for the convenience of patients. (click here to read more about herbs). 

  • Holistic Lifestyle Advice - living in harmony with nature helps to promote health and longevity. It can also help us live a happier, more satisfying life. Learn how to balance your inner and outer environment by taking sleep, work, intimacy, exercise, breathing and emotions into consideration. 


  • Elemental Astrology - the study of planetary/seasonal influences, and the Five Elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood) on individual health and well-being is an important part of the core teachings of Chinese Medicine. Just as the moon and the planets can be useful for understanding what to plant in a garden and when, so too can the cosmos be looked to for practical tips on how to live a more healthy and harmonious life. (Astrology consults are available as a stand-alone treatment option and are done face to face, or bia Skype. They are between 75-90 mins in length). 

Your Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Treatment:

  • Initial Consult (60 mins) - Initial consult includes acupuncture, in depth health evaluation, and any herbal and/or nutritional planning. Arrive 10 mins early to complete your forms. 

  • Follow Up (45-60 mins) - Suitable for full acupuncture treatment and repeat Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions. Ideal when having regular weekly or fortnightly acupuncture. Treatments are normally 45 mins but in difficult cases may be up to 60 mins in length.

  • Extended In-Depth Treatment (90 mins) - Includes deeper discussion and evaluation of treatment, acupuncture, herbal and/or nutritional planning, holistic lifestyle counselling and relaxation time. Suitable for more complex problems, combined face+body acupuncture treatments, or when you have lots of questions. Check with Tina if this option is right for you.  

We offer concessions for pensioners and those on benefits. Just let us know what your situation is and we will see what we can do.

Please check ahead of time to see if our treatments are covered by your private health fund.

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