Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine may assist in the treatment of a range of imbalances including but not limited to:


  • digestive discomfort/ IBS

  • heartburn/ reflux

  • headaches/ migraine

  • auto immune disorders/ chronic health problems

  • vertigo/ fatigue/ insomnia

  • back pain/ joint pain/ sciatica/ tight jaw/ TMJ disorders 

  • common cold/ allergies/ sinus problems

  • PMS/ period pain/ endometriosis/ symptoms associated with menopause 

  • infertility/ gynecological problems

  • pregnancy/ post natal care

  • anemia/ lightheadedness/ poor circulation

  • depression/ stress/ anxiety

  • feeling emotionally "stuck"/ lack of drive

  • immune support/ general health maintenance 

Treatments may also be beneficial in helping you:


  • enhance clarity, focus & overall vitality

  • align your physical/ mental/ emotional bodies

  • free-up blocked creative energy

  • tune in to your own true nature (and to Nature itself)

  • live a healthier more well-nourished life

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